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The Sisters Crush (Riku and Sora)
The Chosuke sisters ran through the village, Sora in the lead with a large grin on her face. Riku fallowed behind in what seemed like an attempt to grab her twin sister.
"S-Sora! Please! I'm begging you don't!" She shouted at her sister who only laughed and stuck her tongue out. The two continued the cat and mouse game until Sora came to a sudden halt, Riku running into her back side and falling to the ground.
"What's going on here?" The sound of the voice caused Riku to panic as she stood up real quickly. She stood beside her sister who was a frozen statue as they stood before the Kages brother, Kankuro. Both the girls had a major crush on the guy, but never fought each other over him. Kankuro raised a brow as the two remained silent, Sora remained a statue and Riku was looking away, messing with the bottom of her shirt. He sighed, knowing he may not be able to get anything out of the two, but to his surprise Riku answered first.
"S-Sora was off to a-ask for per-pe
:icontk-turtlekitty:TK-TurtleKitty 2 0
Mature content
Muriel, A Stray Demon Among Us :icontk-turtlekitty:TK-TurtleKitty 0 0
Yuzuki Festival Time
It was time for the festival in the village as Yuzuki walked with her temporary family, lanterns in hand. They were trying to find the perfect spot to join the other villagers in releasing the lanterns to fly that night. The sun was setting, casting breathtaking orange and red colors in the sky. A small breeze that came in was cool, causing many women to shiver lightly with their thin attire. Our young Yuzuki was unfazed as she took notice of everyone around her. She was the only one not in festival attire quit yet and still wore her beat up mission attire. They finally came to a stop, slightly away from the main streets. Before the night fully engulfed the land the children ran off to play once more while they had the chance. A sudden tight feeling in the young girls chest made her grip her lantern tighter as her gaze fell to the hill.
Making her way to the top, she sat down and quietly waited for the orange sky to turn dark blue. It wouldn't take it long before it would glow the beau
:icontk-turtlekitty:TK-TurtleKitty 0 0
Takashi Sketch by TK-TurtleKitty Takashi Sketch :icontk-turtlekitty:TK-TurtleKitty 2 0 Kikani Nara by TK-TurtleKitty Kikani Nara :icontk-turtlekitty:TK-TurtleKitty 3 0 Tara by TK-TurtleKitty Tara :icontk-turtlekitty:TK-TurtleKitty 3 2 Mia and Lee by TK-TurtleKitty Mia and Lee :icontk-turtlekitty:TK-TurtleKitty 11 0 Partners, Poke by TK-TurtleKitty Partners, Poke :icontk-turtlekitty:TK-TurtleKitty 6 0 Group Activity by TK-TurtleKitty Group Activity :icontk-turtlekitty:TK-TurtleKitty 7 0 Misamori by TK-TurtleKitty Misamori :icontk-turtlekitty:TK-TurtleKitty 5 0 Yayola And Tyki Mikk by TK-TurtleKitty Yayola And Tyki Mikk :icontk-turtlekitty:TK-TurtleKitty 3 0 Training Riku and Kankuro by TK-TurtleKitty Training Riku and Kankuro :icontk-turtlekitty:TK-TurtleKitty 2 0 My First Mini Animation by TK-TurtleKitty My First Mini Animation :icontk-turtlekitty:TK-TurtleKitty 4 0 Akuma by TK-TurtleKitty Akuma :icontk-turtlekitty:TK-TurtleKitty 1 0 1st Collab(2013) by TK-TurtleKitty 1st Collab(2013) :icontk-turtlekitty:TK-TurtleKitty 1 5 Chibi Cousins by TK-TurtleKitty Chibi Cousins :icontk-turtlekitty:TK-TurtleKitty 4 0

My People

The person who is my reason to smile and do better♡❤.
My besties/people I adore deeply <3 my inspiration and motivators.
:iconcloudwolfanime: :iconsora22302: :iconsagethewolfblooded:
People who I look up to and admire <3


Please Be Respectful~

Just because I am not uploading anything, does not mean I am not working on pieces. I simply do most show and tell visa Commissions, gifts, trades, etc are all being shared and shown through
When I return, I will be uploading them when the time is right [With permission if they are not my character]

I am currently on a leave of some sort. I am not being very active due to personal issues and will soon return.
Contests go on and dont need 24/7 supervision. I reply to comments, notes and commissions when i have a chance.

Please be a little patient with me. I also work 3 actual jobs on top of this.

Thank you

Character List

Kikani - Naruto, BEAST Kikani Nara by TK-TurtleKitty
Tori - Naruto PCM - Tori by ChocoAni
Himki - Naruto, Original, BEAST Chibi Lines [Himki V-Day Gift giving] by TK-TurtleKitty
Tsukiko - Naruto, BEAST Tsukiko Hatake by TK-TurtleKitty
Kia - Naruto, BEAST Chibi Lines [Kia V-Day Gift giving] by TK-TurtleKitty
Rei -Naruto, Original Comission - Rei by ChocoAni
Yuzuki - Naruto, Original Box Theme Drawing (Chibi) by TK-TurtleKitty
Berniket(Ket) - Pokemon Box Theme Drawing (Protection) by TK-TurtleKitty
Maori - Naruto PC | Maori by emily-lu
Shimi - Naruto, Inital D, Original Shimi by facadepapergirl
Takashi(Taka) - Naruto Takashi Sketch by TK-TurtleKitty
Cho - Naruto [CM] Cho by ochairo
Tara - Naruto Tara by TK-TurtleKitty
Akia - Fan Based :COMMISSION: Nionai by PlushYumi
Mia - Naruto :COMMISSION: Nionai by PlushYumi
Shikaku(Ku) - Naruto Commission: Nionai by Miss-Ellanius
Kadami - Inital D YCH | TK-turtlekitty by emily-lu
Kaiyoki - Inuyasha, Naruto, Original Comission Kiyoki by ChocoAni
Sana - Inuyasha Unnamed OC [Commission] by Darxea
Saseko(Sharu) - Naruto PC | Kankuro x Sharu by emily-lu
Akuma(Akma) - Naruto, fan base, Original Akuma by TK-TurtleKitty
Miolen - Soul Eater, D. Grey Man C- Miolen by Jellieviefish
Yayola - D. Grey Man Yayola And Tyki Mikk by TK-TurtleKitty
Charah - Naruto, BEAST Gift: Nionai by Sarrie-Chan
MisaMori - D. Grey Man Misamori by TK-TurtleKitty
Kisa - Naruto, Original Kisa Mahar by Katsumi29
Alora - Pokemon Partners, Poke by TK-TurtleKitty
Isamu & Yoshiko(Twins) - Naruto
Ina - Naruto
Zoja - Naruto, Original
Kikoro - Naruto, Original
Hanako - Original, Naruto
Chinori - Naruto, Yona of the Dawn
Juro- Naruto
Tanka- Naruto
Seiji- Naruto
Hiroshito- Naruto
Yojin- Naruto
Hayate- Naruto
Chicanes - Naruto
Ana - Naruto
Minko- Naruto
Byakyu- Naruto
Yuzin- Naruto
Amar - Naruto, Yona of the Dawn
Hime - Fan Based, Original
Mikazuki - Fan Based
Blood(Chi) - Naruto
Seki - Fan Based, Original
Ludome - Naruto
Shizi - Original, Naruto, Beast
Vamoxko - Original, Fan Based
Kiara - Original, Fan Based
Kimiko - Original, Fan Based
Gennifer - Kuroshitsuji
Tamato - Fan Based
Soawo - Naruto
May-Lean - Naruto
Michi - Naruto
Yojin - Fan Based
Kazuyo - Fan Based
Chizu - Fan Based, Original
Fenix - Original, Fan Based
Shizuka - Fan Based
Yuzuru Original, Fan Based
Zena - Naruto
Muriel - Kuroshitsuji, Original
Sora & Riku(Twins) - Naruto
Maya & Ayam(Same being) - Kuroshitsuji
Lotus - Naruto
Niashi - Naruto, Original
Henko -Naruto
Kawa - Naruto
Umeko - Fan Based
Yoko - Fan Based
Zahara - Fan Based, Original, BEAST

S-CRY-ed: Kazuma Stamp by MelzyV Kankuro_Adult stamp by MW97 Kankuro stamp by KayleeInuzuka
Shikamaru STAMP. by HeyLinkListen Stamp - Gaara's Suit by Sandy--Apples Casual Kakashi STAMP by lonewined
Keisuke Initial D Avatar by Hanzax Keisuke Takahashi Stamp ~ Initial D by JulianaJealousy
Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji - Snake Stamp by Aki-rain Kuroshitsuji BoC ~ Snake ~ Stamp 2 by KiraiMirai Kuroshitsuji ~ William T. Spears by KiraiMirai
Agni STAMP by ForeverSonu Edward Midford In Color by NiniIs1 Edward Midford by Sweet-Eglantine
Green stamp by Ittichy Gary Oak Fan Stamp by NHS-5 Sesshomaru stamp by Natseiadopts
Shin ah Stamp by HitomiHyuuga2 Shin Ah 5 by Momoppa Hak Stamp by HitomiHyuuga2
Yona of the Dawn-Yun Stamp by Pink-Pastel An Unexpected Meeting by Coda-and-Coffee jae ha Stamp by HitomiHyuuga2
D.Gray-man Kanda's smile stamp by Tkaczka Tyki Mikk Stamp 01 by aliac Stamp 50 Lavi by Nobume
Kanda Yuu Stamp by TeodoraCV Kanda | D. Gray Man by JustYoungHeroes komui stamp 2 by Neji-x-Hyuuga
Toshiro Hitsugaya by Unknown-Shadow66 Shuuhei Hisagi stamp by DarknessStarXD Ulquiorra Stamp VIII by DarknessMyrkur
Ishida Fan Stamp by Hirasawa Ichigo Kurosaki [Stamp] by RayOfLight342 Byakuya Stamp by Athena-Tivnan
Kyoya Stamp by CatherineHH Kyouya Stamp by Kibby47 Takashi Stamp by Kibby47
Kaoru Hitachiin stamp by White-Balverine Ouran Twins by J3sca Rosy Hikaru Stamp by VirulentRequiem


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Character template for:
All my OCs(shall be a long process)
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Background Stories for OCs
50% by chibifuel
New species
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Draw all animals in human form
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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community

I feel stupid making a journal but idk.. idk if anyone reads my statuses ha...

Anyways, for anyone who wants to help the hopeless romantic me... it I'll just rant/vent.

Being a driver has it's interesting perks. I meet so many different people, most of then very friendly and nice. But there's down parts. Many of then I meet only once and the trips are short. Even long trips can be fun and entertaining.
After my last relationship I lost all my friends. Yes, I could try to reconnect with then but many weren't very good people either to say the least. Granted it's been years, I just wish to leave that stone turned.
But that said, some of these people have been really cool, some of them very attractive. I guess, I just don't know how to go about asking to be friends or exchange numbers without seeming like a creep...

I have bad anxiety when it comes to giving the wrong image of who I am or how I act. But then I beat myself up because some of these people I feel I could really vibe with. I just... I feel so lost and feel I kind of think of okay ways to go about asking them, but then I overthink and panic...

Idk if anyone would like to maybe give advice.. maybe like how you would prefer to be asked to be friends or exchange numbers or a way you think would not seem creepy for someone giving you a ride... idk ugh...

Danny's been like depressed and trying to pull herself out of this hole she dug herself... Trying to get away from the hopeless ex attempts... Guess I'm just really down, self esteem wise too, after running into my ex today and just wanting to break down crying like I have this whole month...

Anyways.. thanks for reading.. And feel free to note me or comment... Anything helps I suppose..
  • Listening to: Nightcore- sorry

It took me until my last relationship, to know what love wasn’t. You get told many times, what it isn't. But its until you actually go through the situation, you actually realize. We get told what love isn't, for our point of view, how the other treats us. Some of us, the damaged ones, don’t realize that also applies to us and how we treat our partner.

It is never easy, don’t get me wrong. To love a damaged person, and to be loved by them. The way our brain is programmed, our terrors and triggers. They are all realities for us, but also not excuses for how we treat one another. We are shown as children, what love is. Our parents show us love, our siblings and other family members. Our friends show us another type of love, as well as seeing it in movies and reading it in novels. But we don’t apply those, until we are in a relationship ourselves with another partner. We apply those that we are taught, what we grew up with, what we were exposed to.

For me, I was taught love all wrong. I grew up, with the wrong kind of love, so I gave the wrong type of love. Let me tell you, the type of love I knew, that really wasn't love. As much as I try to make up for it, you cannot heal what you damage. I know this, because those who damaged me could never fix me. There is too much fear, flash backs, and memories that can never be replaced with something else.

I've been thinking of my ex a lot lately. I can't ask him to forgive me, but I want to show him I'm changing. I want to show him, the person he wanted me to be, worked on getting me to see and be, the one he loved; shes being born and growing. I just, feel so lost.. And pathetic...

  • Listening to: Nightcore- sorry
<<update>> Prize increase, Deadline extended

So I said I would do another contest, and I figured I'd at least get the info out. If you have any questions or Concerns, feel free to ask.

Design BEASTs Guardian Death

Death is essential to the world, so within the BEAST story, Death plays a major role.

What are Guardians?
In the BEAST story, Guardians are special BEASTs granted important abilities as babies by the Creator. They are eventually taken from their families to begin their role training as Guardians, as their mentors finally pass leaving the task to their student. They play major balance roles in the BEAST world, broken down in branches. The higher branches below the Creator are Life and Death, who mentor and oversee some of the lower branches actions. No-one has seen or know who the Creator is, but only that they choose the next Guardians and oversee their actions. Guardian roles are moved around by species to help with the idea that there won't be favorites among them and their roles or with how they watch over the BEASTS. This was an arrangement made after conflicts with their roles as some felt favoritism was played in deaths of great leaders. By doing so, each set will get changed out either by their Phyla class or order to throw in variety and difference. This allows each species/group to know that just because the guardians are mammalia, doesn't mean the Aves or amphibia will be left out as the next rotation could include them. There are times when it breaks to the lower phyla order; if they end up as primates, the next set could become rodentia.

Who is Death?
Death is the only Male Guardian in this generation. He tends to be the calmer, isolated, and more collective due to the nature of his job and upbringing as a Guardian. Death of course is in charge of taking the souls of those injured, old, ill, or who's time has simply came. He has the judgment if someone shall live or die, with the permission and mutual agreement of his branch partner Life. Death tends to not have any lower branch/students and works alone.


What is this Contest about

This contest is to design my Guardian Death. There will be two options, as well as a few guidelines and rules.

Design Options
1. Create a whole new design for me
2. Draw some of my characters as Death(Make me fall inlove with the design)

There are two options for the fact, there are some characters/designs I have/have adopted that I feel could fit into the role of death, but I'm not completely sold. If you like the design and would like to give it a try, or don't have much creative juices, you can see it as a 'draw my oc' contest.

What Must I draw/Design
Death in his normal BEAST form and his Guardian form.
             What is the difference?
BEAST form is a basic animal looking form. Guardians tend to have object upon them that allow others to know, 1. Their role and 2. They are guardians. Mother Nature tends to be blooming with plant growth, while Death has bones, dark aroua(like souls coming off his body), but most importantly a skull upon his head.
Ex:  TK-TurtleKitty - Custom by Void-Alpha(Thank you again Void-Alpha for the custom <3)
          Why not use that design?
The custom design I receive will not be wasted. I have simply chosen to actually use him as the previous Death Guardian. He is not in the main plot(Which is the death design i am looking for in this contest) due to circumstance that lead to the character development of the current Death Guardian. I'm not out to give much spoilers or my project~ I'm stingy haha


Guidelines For Option 2

:bulletblue:Remember, this is a 'Draw My Oc' style option.
   Once the Contest is over, you are NOT allow to sell the design or keep it.
        You are not allowed to claim the design as your own. You simply drew them and/or added accessories
:bulletblue:You May use a base, but please give credit to the base maker. You may also use/draw your own.
:bulletblue:Even with the examples being of the BEAST form, you must draw it, as well as his Guardian form
:bulletblue:You may not change the design too much. Slight change due to different drawing style is fine, or if you think it would be more appealing. But i would prefer if there wasn't much change.

Choose from these designs(In order from highest possible, to possible.)
All these designs were adopted and have yet to fully be drawn by myself as well as their character sheet developed. Original design/image belong to the respectful designers. Thank you guys for granting me the permission to purchase these designs <3
Unspecified (2) by TK-TurtleKitty (I chose this design as for some reason I was drawn to it, but couldn't set my heart on it being death. I felt he was to pretty, meaningful to be death. The left image is of markings that tend to appear and glow. I ended up drawn to that as well, thinking maybe the markings could glow when Death is working or when around someone whos time is near. An idea that has not yet been established, but if you wish to throw the idea onto other designs, please also draw the design without them, such as this.)

Unspecified by TK-TurtleKitty(The dark tone, with dash of white, especially over his face is what drew me in. He definitely became and option for the role, but my heart wasnt quit set on it fully, as other plans and ideas came to mind for his design.)
Unspecified (4) by TK-TurtleKitty(Dark tones had set me on the design, as well as the unique pattern.)

Guidlines For Option 1

:bulletpurple:The Guardians in this generation are of the Canidea family(Simpler terms, Canine)
         (You can use any of these in the design: Domestic dog, wolves, foxes, jackals, dingoes, and other extant and extinct dog-like mammals. I may even consider mystical like dog designs(ex. sharkdog))
:bulletpurple:Death is at the age of a young adult, so Adult or teen canidea is prefered. Pup form is okay as extra
:bulletpurple:You may use a base, but please give credit to the base maker. You may also draw/use your own.
:bulletpurple:A skull must be the minimal Death sign upon him in his Guardian form
          (Does not have to be exactly like that of the reference above. Be unique; even partial skull designs, Aves skulls(Birds), are allowed. I encourage it.)
:bulletpurple:I prefer to stay among dark color schemes, or earthy tones. Interesting/unique markings aswell
           (Examples under the Guidelines for option 2.)
:bulletpurple:You may use already made designs/adopts you've made, but they must become unavailable during the time of the contest to allow me to possibly choose it if it wins, rather then allowing someone to adopt it.
           (Once the contest ends and they are not choose, you are allowed to sell them or keep them)



There can only be one winner this time around for Deaths Design
Prizes are subjected to increase with due time, but never decrease

Grand Prize: Starting off at 400:points:
Increased to 800:points: [equivalent to $10]

Because I am always kind and giving, and I personally always hate holding contests, seeing everyones effort and beautiful work, I do participation prizes. These you obtain by just that, participating. But you must follow the rules and genuinely be trying for the Grand prize. To obtain this, you would need a minimal of two pieces(Deaths Beast form, and his Guardian).

Participation Prize: Starting off at 50:points:

You are allowed to submit more then one entry.
You may do one from option 2, as well as design your own under option 2.
I am considering giving participation prizes out for each entry, not per person. So if you submit 3 entries(all three follow the guidelines and have both forms) you will be granted the participation prize x3. So i encourage as many entries as you wish, but again, your goal must be towards Grand Prize. Slop work/half-assed/slapped together work will not be accepted.

If you would like to contribute to prizes visa art, or points, I greatly appreciate it. Feel free to Note me though on your contribution.


How will the design be Judged?

:bulletgreen:Since I will more then likely be the only judge(I may or may not ask my roommate for his opinion, since I've been fangirling my own ideas to him) it can be a close call.
:bulletgreen:So long as you stick to dark or earthy tones, or even just pastel like colors. I have no objections. If you wish to stray away from this, give it a shot, you never know I may change my appeal. But the examples I shown for option 2 are the colors/ideas I seem to be stuck around.
:bulletgreen:Make sure you have both forms. Does not have to be on the same sheet, but both must be submitted before the contest ends. 
            Both forms are: Beast form(Naked, basic animal looking) and Guardian form(minimal inclusion of a skull)
:bulletgreen:It must be adult or teen Canidea(Canine). You submit anything else(feline, bear, bird) It will be denied.

             Pup form, is acceptable but don't be offended if I ask for an adult version


When is Deadline?

I have yet to fully decide as I am also currently on leave/hiatus due to personal issues/reasonings. But to throw in a date to help others;
July 23, 2017
I know with school and summer fun, some may not be able to participate or have much time, so this is a liquidated deadline. If you need more time, please let me know and I can consider extending. Death is a major design/part in my project so I cannot fully start or share it until his design is complete, but I can work around it on others, which I shall do while this contest is going.

Note, this is the date I will close the contest and not allow new participants or designs. If you have 1/2 of the required parts, or proof of work in progress; I am willing to wait for you to finish before announcing a winner.

If I come up with anything else to be added, it shall be added with due time. Again, feel free to ask questions or if you have concerns, feel free to address them.
I hope I made everything clear and understandable. Thank you, and good luck <3


TK-TurtleKitty's Profile Picture
United States
I cannot wait to be where I want to be <3 The struggles I face, make me who I am and prepare me for my future.
I cannot wait to have everything I need, everything I deserve, because I've been handed everything I don't while still giving my all.

I am thankful for my past, my struggles. For I am blessed for my future.
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Demisexual panromantic stamp by pulsebomb

Just an amateur artist and photographer
Also on Instagram: nionai_tk


Currently suffering artblock and dealing with reality/life... Will return or just randomly post when I can. Also doing mass cleanings.

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Icon by: :icontraceofhatred:
Deviant ID: by :iconcixu: A lovely gift :heart: Thank you

About Me

Names Tk, but may also call me Danny

:icontk-turtlekitty: Bullet | Team Instinct by wilnaah

Pick a name: (Probably do this characters reference sheet first) 

1 deviant said Shimi (Typical kunouichi, medical nin, later disabled and injured on one side threatening her ninja title)
1 deviant said Kikani (Nara member, left handed, cocky attitude, carefree)
1 deviant said Sora & Riku (Twins, Sand ninjas, polar opposites. Sora- Naruto like, Riku- Hinata like)
1 deviant said Charah (Clan like Inuzukas, but wolves. Clan leader, stubborn girl, troubled past and family)
No deviants said Cho (Toris cousin, Akamichi and proud, typically happy, anxious and has other emotional issues)
No deviants said Tori (Chos cousin, Hyuuga, a princess in another small village/land, bratty)
No deviants said Shihime (New idea of Shimi.. Shihime is a nickname given to her, genjutsue specialist, adopted/raised by Nara family)
No deviants said Mia (Troubled family issues, oldest with 2 half sisters, kind and caring)
No deviants said Sharu (Sand kunouchi, usually called Saseko(whore) because her step-father runs a small brothel)


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